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Sharpe's Third



Our third and last year in the Ukraine; made more palatable by the scheduled 'dangling carrot' of a week in Portugal at shoot's end.

It was the initial year of the Harris video diaries and it was the year the Chosen band of brothers was reduced by half.

'Gold', originally to be shot in the first year, was re-tooled and readied for production, a film that was Rifleman Cooper's swan song. The next episode on the schedule was 'Battle' where we tearfully witnessed Perkins slipping from this mortal coil.

An episode called 'Sword' at last provided a meaty story line for Chosen Man Harris to get his teeth into. But the growth of my role probably only materialised at the expense of the lost Chosen Men.

It was also the series in which I revolted against shakos, which meant a forage cap was my constant companion!

The only shot of Rifleman Harris on a horse
(Sword Nov 1994)

Harris finds the blood stained copy of 'Candide'
in Leroux's jacket (Sword Nov 1994)

Breaking the code on the Mirrador
(Sword Nov 1994)

Love your rifle (Gold Aug 1994)

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