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Sharpe's Fifth



The fifth call to arms led us to Northern Turkey and the end of the road for both Chosen Men.

Bittersweet memories abound from this final series due to the appearance of Harris in only one episode. 'Revenge' rolled without the Chosen Men as the result of a budget tightening exercise. While only Hagman was squeezed into the plot of 'Justice' because of his residency in Northern England; Harris was left out (I was told by producers) for being a soft southerner.

I had had a fantastic five year innings on Sharpe but being left out of two thirds of the final series didn't make me happy at all. It was a shame to have ended like this, but I was privileged to have donned the rags of Harris and I'm glad of the part I played.

Harris and Hagman join forces again for a march on death (Waterloo Sept 1996)

Harris waits at the farmhouse for Sharpe and Harper to arrive (Waterloo Sept 1996)

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